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Sign up before July 25th to be guaranteed your chosen degree of plot involvement.


15 - 18 August 2024

The morning of the 15th of August 2024 is set aside for people arriving, setting up and preparing. The LARP itself will start in the afternoon of the 15th at no set time but when we’re ready. The LARP will continue without breaks until midday the 18th of August. This means that even whilst asleep the LARP is ongoing.


The cost of the LARP is 400 SEK per person, of which 100 SEK is for membership in SLI. The organizers earn no money from the larp - everything goes towards rent for the area, props, and consumables. Please see SLI:s website for information about becoming a member.


Being set in a distant future, in a busy universe, there are many languages that persist within the world of Camp Lamplight. We intend to create an experience where both English and Swedish are equally integrated and that knowledge in either or both languages will create an engaging experience.

Age & Children

Children are welcome at Camp Lamplight! A robust child population is after all what caused all of you to still be in this prison, entirely innocent of any of the crimes of your ancestors. Because of the slight horror aspects of the LARP we leave it to parents to judge if their children can handle being at such a LARP. For children fourteen and younger we need some form of guardian to be present.


The area of Camp Lamplight itself is a dog friendly area, which means dogs are welcome. You of course have full responsibility for your dog. We recommend that you are entirely confident that your dog can handle the business of a LARP as difficult dogs will be requested to leave. Dogs must either be leashed or otherwise confined (think baby gates) at all times.


SLI:s Larp Area is owned by a dedicated larp organization that works closely with organizers. It’s located half an hour north of Skellefteå, Sweden.

Getting there: It is easiest reached by car and there’s a generous amount of parking. Skellefteå is reachable by buss. Effort to set up codriving will be made.

International attendees can contact the organizers for aid in getting to this remote part of Sweden.

The closest place with an address would be Tällberg, near Drängsmark.

Water & Electricity

The larp area has no electricity but electricity itself is a known entity within Camp Lamplight. We strongly recommend you bring a decent flashlight because we don't want you breaking your necks in the dark. In lore they are provided by Planet Sunrise. Otherwise, anything requiring batteries is in short supply at Camp Lamplight, because batteries are rare.

Water is available from an approved well. Four outhouses are available on the site.

Housing & Sleeping

Sleeping spaces are available indoors, or in tents. The houses aren't isolated but Swedish summers tend to be warm enough that a decent sleeping bag should get you very far. There is space for tents at the larp area, so you're welcome to bring your own. There's houses with bedframes, but you'll need to bring your own mattress for those.

Generally speaking, discussing your sleeping preferences with the organizer is always possible. We will try to accommodate you.


At Camp Lamplight off-world food is tightly controlled by the Howler family. Hunted and gathered food is supplied by the Hunters, who are generally more generous. Overall food security is low at Camp Lamplight.

We as organizers however do not want you to go hungry. You may hide away food in your out of character stash to eat at your leisure, but we'd appreciate if you could match the type of food you consume openly to match the faction you are aligned with or are likely to receive food from.

Off-world food includes anything you could find in a modern grocery store today so long as it is not perishable. This can be canned food, but may also include soda and candy. A bag of gummy bears can be taken entirely in character.

On-world food are things you could find in an average forest. It involves a lot of dried meat but also vegetables, nuts, and berries which are gathered. We assume that this forest provides a greater variety of edibles than our average Earth boreal forest would.

Alcohols, smoking, and other drugs

Lamplight Larp organises substance free larps. This means that alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Smoking is permitted outdoors, but be mindful of others and of the surroundings - we're living among dry grass and dry wood. Because most people at Camp Lamplight however like a good drink you are encouraged to use fake alcohol and drink that to your heart's content.


Fires should only be lit in the pre-built fireplaces around the LARP area. We do not permit open fires in other places. Swedish law may ban open fires altogether in case of drought, but this will be addressed on opening day. Firewood is provided on site.

Lanterns are a big part of Camp Lamplight's identity. You are encouraged to bring for example kerosene lanterns, providing they are whole and you handle them responsibly. Lanterns lit with battery powered flickering LED tealights is a good and safe alternative too.

Themes of the LARP

A question we’ve received a lot is what themes the larp is aiming for? We find this a hard question to answer but let us try!

The larp is aiming to be a serious, intrigue heavy larp. It is not intended to be a violent "misery larp", nor is it meant to be light-hearted and comical. Camp Lamplight is under strict prison rule and therefore runs, all things considered, quite well. We intend to work in strong aspects of survival and some elements of horror. But this doesn't actually come from your fellow players, but the very dangerous world around you.

Gear Aesthetic

We aim to follow the aesthetics of famous space westerns mixed with the aesthetics of historical frontier pelt traders. This means you can combine your comfortable sneakers with your long leather coat. What we ask is that any modern equipment is suitably scuffed and used, and that the focus of any gear and attire lies on the western aspect. When in doubt, you may always contact the organizers.

The aesthetic will be slightly different for the Ambassador group. The relevant players will be informed of this.


At Camp Lamplight, only a small, privileged few have the right to carry real weapons - but there are knives. Lots of knives. Knives that may be used for the purpose of hurting someone in character should be made of foam/latex. Any other knives people carry will not be acknowledged as the person being armed. Foam variants of potentially dangerous tools will be laid out in relevant locations.

All weapons that will be permitted within the larp area, decided on a character-to-character basis, should be made of foam or latex. Guns are IC restricted to the sheriff, the guards, and the ambassador's entourage. The type of gun we've decided to allow are cap guns, as they give clear indication when it is fired.

The in lore rules should give you a good idea about what characters may or may be allowed to carry different types of weapons.

The Swedish out of character rune

There’s just some things you actually need that have no place in your average LARP. This can be anything from your medication to the picture of your dog. In Swedish LARPING the out of character rune is a universally understood symbol which means that no item in this room/bag is important to the LARP. It can be drawn, sewn, carved - anything goes. It just means "hands off". Plot related items are not permitted to be hidden behind an out of character rune.


As organizer we intend to have a LARP where everyone and anyone is welcome as themselves. In character, transphobia, homophobia, etc just aren't a thing. Fraternizing with somebody from a rival family is definitely scandalous, though...

The Organisers

Lamplight Larp is two people, Ariana (the brains) and Julian (the brawn). You may reach us at [email protected] or on facebook. We don't bite. :)